He Will Fight For You!


Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today. Remember to read the entire passage

Deuteronomy 1:29-31


 Then I said to you, ‘Do not be in dread or afraid of them. The Lord your God who goes before you will himself fight for you, just as he did for you in Egypt before your eyes.’
Deuteronomy 1:29-30

  • You have a choice! How do you approach the days that stretch before you? Moses reminds us in Deuteronomy 1:29 about what our attitude should be…write it down.
  • Again we need to trust what we know about God. in what way did God carry the Israelites (and us)?
  • What daily battles do you have today? Choose to trust God to fight for you. Write them down… The Lord will fight ________! Then seek his guidance as you trust in Him to carry you!


He carries you like a father carries his son. Believe it…He loves you and will fight for you.  I will be praying for you!

Your Gift to God – Songs of Praise


Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today. Remember to read the entire passage

Psalm 59:16-17


“But I will sing of your strength;
I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning.
For you have been to me a fortress
and a refuge in the day of my distress.
 O my Strength, I will sing praises to you,
for you, O God, are my fortress,
the God who shows me steadfast love.”
Psalm 59:16-17

  • List the reasons given in this Psalm for you to sing praises to the almighty God.
  • Praise Him for His strength (see also John 16:33, Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:31b).
  • Praise Him for His steadfast love (see also 1 John 4:10, Romans 8:38-39).
  • Praise Him that He is your fortress and refuge (see also Matthew 11:28, and Deuteronomy 33:27).


Check out this song written and sung here by Michael Neal and Krissy Nordhoff
“Your Great Name”


this song was released  by Natalie Grant on her album “Love Revolution”

Praise the name of the only one who is worthy of our praise! I will be praying for you! 

Food for thought

Pink dots pray

Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today.
Read Deuteronomy 8:1-9

Pink dots write

This passage is a warning, a reminder & a promise! God is mighty and he has a purpose in every event in the history of the Israelite people (and us too)…

…to teach you that man does not live by bread alone,
but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.
Deuteronomy 8:3b ESV

  • What personal warning, reminder & promise do you take from these verses?
  • Jesus quotes this verse while he is being tempted in the desert (see Matthew 4:1-4). Christ himself uses God’s word to fight temptation! Record your toughts about how both the Matthew & Deuteronomy passages connect with what we journaled about in Psalm 119:11b.
  • Like food bringing physical nourishment, our soul yearns for spiritual sustenance. What do you do (or need to add) each day to nourish your spirit?

Pink dots grow

Leave a comment and share what God revealed to you today! I will be praying for you!