You are my Salvation

pink rect stitch pray

Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today.
Psalm 118:20-21

Open for me the gates of the righteous;
I will enter and give thanks to the Lord.
This is the gate of the Lord
through which the righteous may enter.
 I will give you thanks, for you answered me;
you have become my salvation.

Psalm 118:20-21NIV

pink rect stitch write

  • Give Thanks to the Lord – He has given  you Jesus – the gate to righteousness (John 10:9) the key to salvation.
  • Write a prayer thanking God for the gift of Jesus Christ and the salvation that comes through Him.

pink rect stitch grow

Allow the Spirit to work in your life as you thank God for the gift of your Savior! I will be praying for you! 

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