Humility Before God! James 4


Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today. Remember to read the entire passage

James 4:1-10


“Submit yourselves therefore to God.”
James 4:7

  • What causes disagreements and fights?
  • The reason we do not have is________.
  • The reason we do not receive is ______.
  • When you choose to be a friend of the world your relationship with God changes in what way?
  • God longs for our faithfulness, how do we show him we belong to him (James 4:7)?
  • You have the power of God in you. If you flee from the devil what is his reaction?
  • Instead, what is God’s reaction when we draw near to him?
  • How does James characterize sinners?
  • God gives us grace – when you come to him in humility. rewrite v. 10 in the first person. When I humble….
  • God wants to give to us his abundant grace, but we must first choose Him. We must first choose Him over the world, and humble ourselves before Him asking to guide us along His plan and not our own. Asking to change our hearts and minds and conform us to the image of His son. He will draw near to you…but you must first draw near to Him! Are you caught up in the world? Are you desiring what others have or determined to follow YOUR path?  Go to the Lord today & humble yourself…


Choose God!   I will be praying for you!

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