God is Grace – Full

Definition of Grace


Think about God’s grace and how deep and wide it is! God is grace-full! His grace is completely abundant and completely undeserved. It is a gift which we can never repay… but one that we can seek to honor as we are changed by Him from the inside out.


There are so many many verses that speak of God’s grace.
Here are a few you can use to help see the picture of God’s grace
& I challenge you to seek some more.

Genesis 6-9  Ephesians 2:8   John 1:14-18  Romans 3:23-24
Romans 6:14   1 Peter 5:10   Revelation 2:21

  • Write about what God’s grace means to you. He has given you the gift of salvation and from his fullness he has given you “grace upon grace” (John 1:16).
  • Do these passages open up your understanding of God’s grace? Write down some of the words that really spoke to you.
  • His grace fills the entire Bible from the beginning to the end. It really is too much to comprehend. But it is truth! It is His free gift to you! Awesome! Take time to praise Him Now!


I love this song from Mercy Me. It really reminds me how much He loves me – and that His grace is always enough!


Pray now that His grace would abound in your life. That you would come to a full understanding of the completeness of His grace. And that you would live your as the new creation that you are – transformed for eternity! Alleluia! Praying for you

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