May We Dwell


Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today. Remember to read the entire passage

Psalm 15


Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent?
    Who shall dwell on your holy hill?

Psalm 15:1

  • In this Psalm David gives us the blue print to what a righteous life looks like. Make a list of the characteristics of a righteous life.
  • We know that alone we are not righteous…”No one is righteous, no, not one…” Romans 3:10, but through the grace and love of the Father, He gave us the gift of Jesus Christ that through faith in Him we could be found righteous (Read Romans 3:21-26). Then…He begins the process in us that being found righteous we might grow and live the fruit of righteousness. Are you struggling with one of the keys to a righteous life, write a prayer asking God to work and transform you. Then be willing to be transformed!


It is an awesome God that allows us to “dwell on (His) holy hill”…focus your eyes on Him today and revel in the presence of the Lord in your life. I will be praying for you!

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