The Spirit in You is Joy

blue rect scallop pray

Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today.
Deuteronomy 16:13-17

blue rect scallop write

  • What attitude are we to have as we worship the Lord?
  • Who is to join in the feast?
  • This gives us a picture of joyful worship as part of a community. When we bring our gifts with a grateful heart what are we promised?
  • Verses 16 & 17 instruct us on how to appear before The Lord. What does it tell us?
  • We need to remember that Joyful giving can include more than just monetary blessings. What gifts has God given you that you can share with joy today?

blue rect scallop grow

Leave a comment and share what God revealed to you today! I will be praying for you! 

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