Then Act Like It


Make sure you take time to read the passage and pray about it before you begin.

Romans 12:9-21



Before I start… I just want to say that Romans 12 is one of my very favorite passages in scripture. I have written about it before. But, with all that is going on in the world I just think it is so important for us to remember the characteristics that we are supposed to be exemplifying and be encouraging in others. Over the past months I have had the opportunity to study Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. It is beautiful to see how God is giving His people ways to live their lives that set them apart from the nations that surround them. First, He asks them to put Him at the center. Then he gives them ways to  bring Him honor, and establishes rules & boundaries to protect them and define them as a nation. Like the Israelites, through Christ – God has set us apart. We are not supposed to conform to the ways of the world, but instead be transformed as He renews our minds (see Romans 12:2).  We have been called out of darkness into light – for a purpose (1 Peter 2:9). If you are a Christian – your life should look different!

  • As you read over Romans 12:9-21 do you see qualities that are different than those celebrated in our society?
  • Why is it important for us as Christians to live a life full of these attributes (Matthew 5:16)?
  • Pray through this passage and insert yourself… “Lord, let my love be genuine, help me to hate evil and cling to what is good…
  • Is there a certain attribute that you especially struggle with? Write about it and ask God work in your heart and mind to transform your life.


I am going to try to pray this prayer over the coming days. Praying that the Lord would work to transform us all that the way we live our lives would set us apart as His kingdom citizens, and bring Him glory!