Read Psalm 144:1-4


Psalm 144 paints a beautiful picture of God’s immovable character. He is our love, our protection our refuge. The idea of deliverer especially impacted me. Our almighty God has delivered us from what we once were and brought us into a new and eternal kingdom. On of the definitions of deliverer is “the one who saves from destruction.” Let that sink in. We have bee saved from a sure path of destruction through His grace that we might have life in Christ. (John 5:24) (Romans 6:4) (Romans 16:13) (2 Corinthians 5:17)

  • Write the idea of God as deliverer…
  • Take time now to thank Him for delivering you from your path of destruction.
  • It doesn’t end at salvation… He continues to be your deliverer. Is there something you need to be delivered from? Take time now, lay it down and ask for rebirth in this part of your life.


This is a beautiful song by Matt Maher – Deliverer


Praying that the you would feel renewal today as you trust in the Lord to be your deliverer. May He be your steadfast love, fortress, stronghold, deliverer, shield and refuge.

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