Power Grid


We can see God’s power all around us. In His creation, and we read through the Bible, when we see Jesus,  as we look at our own lives. Think about the power grid that supplies us the energy we need to light up our homes. It is the same with God. He is our eternal power! Ask that God would reveal His power to you. That you would be able to see and understand more about how “he upholds the universe by the power of his word.”


  • Take time now to write about where you see His power today.
  • Look back over your life – where has His power been most evident in your life.
  • You can be certain that whether you are aware of it or not – His power is holding the universe now and always. Take time to praise Him now for His unfailing power.


He is what gives us life, strengthens us, energizes us – He is our power.  Praying that His power would be manifest in you today.

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