I Am With You

pink rect stitch pray

Ask the Spirit to guide you as you read God’s word for today.
Matthew 28:16-28

pink rect stitch write

  • When they saw Jesus what did the disciples do?
  • If you were face to face with your risen Savior what would you do?
  • What are the specific instructions Jesus gives the disciples and you?
  • What is the promise that Jesus gives us at the end of the passage?
  • He is with you!!!!  Think of how that changes your perspective on your needs for this day. Write about it…

CHALLENGE – Memorize Matthew 28:20. This was one of my children’s memory verses in Community Bible Study. It has stuck with me and become such a comfort.

pink rect stitch grow

Leave a comment and share what God revealed to you today! I will be praying for you! 

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